ARTIST - Clementine Maconachie- The Visuals.

Please give us a brief introduction of yourself Clementine and your work the Visuals?

My work is about embracing the beauty of imperfection.

The contrast of hard materials with soft shapes.

Working predominantly in metal and stone and occasionally acrylic.

I strive to find beauty, simplicity and softness through organic lines and shapes.

How do you plan to fulfil your creative desires in 2021?

I plan to spend as much time as I can in the studio creating and making. My philosophy is to do the work and the rest will happen.

 Current favourite artist?

The greats…. Alexander Calder , Isamu Noguchi, Picasso, Ruth Asawa, Joan Miro , Barbara Hepworth Margel Hinder.

And closer to home Annalisa Ferraris, Cj Hendry, Clara Adolphs, Heidi Middleton and Lex Williams.

 Architecture inspiration right now? 

Tadao Ando his minimal style and his use of light.

Favourite sound currently?

The sound of my children playing and not fighting.


Clementine in her studio styling the Katya Kimono in Black.