Born in Australia, Hyde & Stone is an effortless luxury label that responsibly curates wardrobe essentials to transcend season and time. Each collection is an exploration of the interplay between undone ease and flattering form, tailoring high quality fabrics into versatile and timeless silhouettes.


Made to oscillate effortlessly between seaside or trattoria, each collection is designed to endure like the time-softened linens and silks they’re tailored from. 


The people behind it - From a lineage of tailors, Australian designer Jemyma Kavanagh focuses on effortless form and meticulously crafted fits in each Hyde & Stone collection. Working with a canvas of fine natural fibres, the label exemplifies timeless and feminine silhouettes. With a design execution that’s inherently responsible, from high quality fabrics to eternal structures, Kavanagh reimagines luxury as a lifestyle to be found in the everyday. 



Hyde & Stone emerged from humble beginnings, the designer Jemyma Kavanagh set to pursue her passion project born in the garage studio of Byron Bay in late 2018.  

With a background in fashion design and clothing production and a family of tailors and creatives, Kavanagh and her grandmother worked closely together to hand make every garment for the brand.

Originally as a passion project in the late hours of the night and early mornings while maintaining another job, Kavanagh would spend hours working by hand designing, pattern making, hand-cutting and sewing garments with her grandmother. 

They would tailor to each woman's unique measurements working with a made to order, handmade in Australia model.

The motive behind Hyde & Stone from the beginning was to create timeless, well-made garments, focusing on fit and fine natural materials for women to feel confident and to love in their wardrobes for years. The designer was passionate about never wanting to pursue a mass-produced brand with disposable clothing or to capitalise on the idea of wanting and needing more as today's consumer.

“I’ve always had the love for designing since I was a little girl. Both my mother and grandmother had taught me to make things well. How to create with natural fabrics and how they’ll last, how they’ll wear, how they’ll fall. They taught me not to consume so much, not to be wasteful.”

“I think the quality is something that has been inbuilt in me and appreciated through every aspect of life, being passed down through family generations.” 

In 2020 during the pandemic, Kavanagh saw an opportunity to turn her passion project into a successful fashion brand. She spent most of the year researching onshore manufacturing and remodelling Hyde & Stone to remain within the brand's ethos and her core personal values as a consumer. Working closely with business mentors and with a like-minded creative wholesale agency to bring her vision to life.

In late 2020 we saw the first Resort 21 Capsule collection which captured the eyes of the industry and was featured in Russh magazine. Hyde & Stone went on to showcase Capsule 2 and 3 Collections in 2021 and formed strong partnerships through wholesale and PR. Later gaining a partnership opportunity with the Calile Hotel and producing a collaborative uniform project for the middle management staff. 

Hyde & Stone has now gained recognition as an Independent Australian label and hopes to showcase big things for 2022 and beyond. Anticipating to continue to make a positive contribution to the Australian fashion industry.