Please give us a brief introduction of yourself Lauren?
My name is Lauren Trend and I’m the founder of Self Practice - a global community and research platform exploring the intersect of wellbeing, art and design. I’m also a new mother, along with my partner Lucy, to our six month old daughter, Mila.
How did Self Practice come to fruition?
Self Practice began as a very personal inquiry, of what it meant to be well: physically, emotionally, intellectually & creatively. I had found that in my own experience, I was only ever capable of focussing on one, maybe two, of these areas of well-being at once.Self Practice started as an editorial platform for me to house conversations with my peers, about how one deals with tending to all parts of themselves, so we can flourish across all areas of life. It very quickly grew into a global community having these important conversations and has transformed it’s offering into books, workshops and tools events that now sit beside its editorial origins. We’re really proud of how much it’s grown in just a few short years.
How do you plan to fulfil your creative desires in 2022?
By continuing to collaborate with aligned individuals and entities to bring our community some exciting new offerings.Current favourite artist?
I find myself revisiting the work of Christo and Jeanne-Claude a lot recently.
Architecture inspiration right now?
Eileen Gray and Charlotte Perriand, now and always.
Favourite sound currently?
My daughter's laugh. There’s just nothing better!
Lauren at home wearing the Aurora wool Blazer and Avery wool trouser