Please give us your brief introduction of yourselves Alexa and Summer.

Our names are Alexa and Summer, we're sisters originally from North Queensland but have called Noosa home for a long while now.

We are the owners of Laze.Res, a luxe towel brand designed for the beach, pool and home. We also own Yore studio, where we sell our art and homemade jewellery along with a few other small pieces.



How do you plan to fulfill your creative desires in 2021?

We feel that having two creative minds working together means having the chance to always refresh and restore our ideas, we have multiple creative projects we are always working on.

How we work creatively is a little different. Ideas come really naturally for us but our released products take a lot of evolving through time to feel whole, perfect and ready to us. Kind of like nurturing a child, we want to make sure a lot of love and energy goes into each piece.

This year we will continue creating, designing and growing our like minded community that we are so grateful for. Our main goal is to be able to release more of our work then ever before.


Current favourite artist inspiration?

In terms of artists we find ourselves leaning more towards form of objects and places for art inspiration. Our Laze.Res art is inspired by natural forms and shapes like shells or coral and architectural structures, especially mediterranean focused. Salvador Dalí is also a forever mood for us.


Can you please share with us your Architecture muse?

Right now we’re really loving Javier Senosiain - Organic House. It’s inspiration behind our new Olio Sculpture Ring collection we just launched for Yore Studio.


Favourite sound currently?

Lately we’ve been in a disco funk mood. But a forever favourite sound for us is Pearl Jam.


Alexa and Summer wear the Zina Crop and Hendricks skirt & Phoenix shirt paired with the Chanel Flares.