Please give us a brief introduction of yourself Elle.

My name is Elle-louise Burguez and I am a Painter and Musician.

How do you plan to fulfill your creative desires in 2021?

This year I am following my heart when pursuing creative desires so that I remain authentically me in whatever I do.

I am always following my dreams everyday no matter how up and down the ride can be.

Current favourite artist?

Right now I am loving - Angelica Bell and the dancer 'Leo Walkin.' I am always looking at ancient Egyptian, Greek and Persian art. In particular, at the moment I am very inspired by 'Outsider' art from Iran.

Architecture inspiration right now?

Jacques Couelle!!

Favourite sound currently?

Morning bird songs outside my window, ' Gurls Talk' podcast and music by all the Gilbertos.

Elle wears the Phoenix shirt dress