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Introduction on Ash?
I'm a Photographer, Stylist & Content Creator based on the Gold Coast.
How would you describe your personal style and key wardrobe pieces?
My personal style is clean & neutral with statement shapes & textures. I feel the most comfortable in heavier-weight fabrics and structured pieces, so the key pieces in my wardrobe would be trousers, blazers and heavy-knit basics.
You have recently just attended Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. Talk us through a day in the life of Fashion week. What designers and street style are you most inspired by this year?
Each day is so different, but I can tell you that every day absolutely flies. I always make sure I have a decent breakfast, which is ideally at a local cafe but is often had in my hotel room if I have a busy day ahead. From there, each day consists of many ubers, a few outfit changes and catching up with friends in every spare moment between shows! In terms of inspiring designers, Michael Lo Sordo reminded me that Fashion is also experiential, not just aesthetic, and inspired me to find pieces that make me feel more deeply. Henne inspired me to use accessories more to elevate my everyday looks and cemented my love for everyday silhouettes made in beautiful fabrics & textures. Street style wise, every year I'm inspired to layer more & experiment with accessories. These are usually an afterthought for me! 
What inspired your Fashion week looks this year?
Every year, my aim is to wear pieces that I would usually wear, just with the added element of the freedom to experiment and elevate the looks. Living on the sunny Gold Coast, I don't often get to wear too many layers and there aren't many occasions to dress up, so I take advantage of this during Fashion Week. I always want to make sure I'm not straying too far from my personal style just for the sake of Fashion Week, but I do enjoy having a little fun with my looks. 
Current favourite artist?
My favourite would be Kane Lehanneur, but I've recently come across Belle Orton thanks to the Hyde & Stone pop-up and I love her pieces! 
Architecture inspiration right now?
I'm really into Brutalist architecture right now, especially when it highlights beautiful raw materials like marble or stone. 
Favourite sound currently?
The i,i album by Bon Iver. It's bringing a lot of calm to my life right now.
How do you plan to fulfill your creative desires for the rest of 2023? 
My goal for the rest of the year is to continue prioritising creative briefs that feel most aligned with me personally. It's been a big year for me already so I don't think much travel is on the cards, which means I'll need to look for more inspiration within my current surroundings.  
Ash - styling the Ingrid Blazer and Ploy Trouser at Fashion Week



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