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Introduction on Christelle?

I'm a French, Australian Sydney based floral and set stylist and creative consultant working across disciplines in the fields of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and events. I source and style flowers, objects, interiors, props and visual elements for special events, private residences, celebrations and for editorial work and commercial clients. I curate the atmosphere, experience and story of a space or of a subject with my key medium being flowers, along with objects and vases that I source and have collected along my travels, on request and specifically for special projects and events.


Can you tell us more about your journey with Fleurette?Fleurette essentially is an extension of myself, something that has grown as I have and evolved over time. I am heavily inspired by nature and the seasons as well as my travels and different cultures. A morning at the market or on the farm with my locally based growers dictates what is possible and available for each occasion. Working to a theme and to the space or location of an event; I take all visual and environmental factors into account and draw on them and that of the client or occasion in curating a unique visual representation and expression to each experience. With my background growing up as a dancer most of my life; form, line and shape of the flowers, vases, space and objects play a vital role and influence my eye and overall aesthetic.

How have your recent travels in Europe influenced your work?The eye has to travel, my summer sabbaticals to Europe most summers are a big part of my work and needed dose of culture and inspiration.

Particularly in Paris?Paris has long been a huge influence on my work and practice under Fleurette. It was her gardens that first captured my eye as well as my heart. The undulation and wild life compositions have stayed with me. And I continue to take cues from nature and the seasons that all influence the form, line and curation of the work I produce.


What are your must do's here?

– Marché aux Puces de Saint Ouen for antiques.– Local Brocantes on each week in every quartier for treasure hunting vases, vintage and objects.– Hammam at the Mosque of Paris.- an early morning walk through the many gardens to indulge in them, all to yourself– a night at Paris Opera Ballet at Opera Garnier.– Musée de la Vie Romantique for afternoon tea in the gardens.– Musée l'Orangerie to see Monet's Water Lilies.- ice cream and rosé on Sunday's on île de saint Louis
How would you describe your personal style and key wardrobe pieces?I live for a suit, I love relaxed tailoring, anything elegant, effortless, comfortable are my go to items. I work in denim, a one shoulder top or well cut a white tee. Come the weekends I'm in slip dresses mostly vintage, lace, silk, men’s shirts, sarongs, a wrap skirt, denim and bikinis.
Current favourite artist?The impressionist, always.Architecture inspiration right now?Paris, always.Favourite sound currently?My break up playlist of love songs here
 How do you plan to fulfill your creative desires for the rest of 2023?This year I'm taking it day by day. I took some time away from work over the summer to rest, heal and reset. This year I'm focused on staying centred, following my gut, following passion, giving back and working on projects that move me.
Christelle wears the Bonita Vest and Isla Trouser in Dove grey.



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