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Please give us a brief introduction of yourself Teneille?  
Hi! I'm Teneille Sorgiovanni, I'm a Makeup Artist based in Sydney. I’ve been working professionally in the industry for over 16 years and I love what I do. I have been fortunate enough to learn and work in the industry whilst living in London and New York before returning home. I make yearly trips to major capital cities for Fashion Week, working alongside some of the most iconic Makeup Artists as part of their show teams.  
How would you describe your personal style and key wardrobe pieces? What are your go-to looks for summer dressing?
I'm fairly low key with my day to day dressing, jeans or my vintage frenchmans outfit paired with and a tee or singlet for practicality and comfort. I love combing something causal with something more elevated like a red lip or piece of jewellery and having staples in my wardrobe that I can wear in different ways. Beautifully made pieces that will last forever whether it be tailored or feminine flowing fabrics.
My summer go-to however is packing swimwear in my makeup kit - the joys of living close to the ocean, post shoot swims.
Talk us through your work as an Editorial Makeup Artist, how did living in New York & London shape your work?  
Starting my work overseas has taken me on an unimaginable journey, meeting and working with artists that I didn't think was possible. The skill, knowledge and insight to the industry is an experience and practice that I carry through my work daily. Through this passion and dedication it’s created a foundation to help express my own work.  
What are some of your key essentials for glowing skin and makeup products throughout summer events?
It depends on the event and my mood, I may alternate between a fresh complexion with a bold red lip or sometimes dress my eye with chocolate, wine hues, paired with a smudged lived-in or graphic eyeliner with lashings of mascara.The ultimate and must for me is having a healthy, hydrated complexion regardless of the look. Before my makeup I tend to do a quick face massage and face mask (I keep mine in the fridge) to depuff, brighten and tighten my skin. I don't wear much makeup daily so sunscreen, cream based complexion, lip-to-cheek colour pot in a varied honey tone and pure Vitamin E Oil for highlighted cheekbones are my go-to's.
I come from a small country town, southwest of Perth. Growing up, my sisters and I always were always encouraged to be outdoors, paint and draw or find creativity in the kitchen. This is a favourite now, watching my Nanna's and Mum create dishes from our Italian heritage. My curiosity, imagination and creativity stemmed from witnessing my family of entrepreneurs and creatives fulfil their successful dream which made my own journey all the more possible.  
That being said, my Mum noticed my love for fashion and the colour and textures of makeup that she surprised me with the book -
 Kevyn Aucoin 'Making Faces' a 90's instructional guide, awed by the art of makeup and character transformation it was the humble beginning of my dreams and goals to becoming a makeup artist.  
Current favourite artist?
Soul and jazz artist - Jerome Thomas
Architecture inspiration right now?
European and Mexican kitchen's - colour tones and texture throughout is inspiring my Lipstick Artwork right now. I paint expressive abstracts using upcycled lipsticks that play on layers of colour, shape and form.
How do you plan to fulfill your creative desires for 2024?
I hope to exhibit my lipstick artworks in Sydney next year and am planning a trip to Japan to seek inspiration for another personal project I'm working towards involving my love for makeup!  
Teneille wears the Coris lace Camisole & Isla Trouser. Look 2 - Armani Sundress



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