Please give us a brief introduction of yourself Rosie.

I am a freelance writer and content creator, specialising in conversations around fashion, food, and sustainability. 


How do you plan to fulfil your creative desires in 2021?

I find it very fulfilling to write stream of consciousness style each day. And since the pandemic began last year, I have focused on writing for myself more – which means returning to creative mediums such as poetry and long form fiction, while also working on personal projects like Off Carte.


Current favourite artists and inspiration?

Some contemporary artists I am constantly inspired by include Cheryl Humphreys, Poppy Kural and Bobby Clark, as well as the work of my sister Ella Dalton – whose abstract pottery and painted pieces fill my home in Cronulla. 

Your Architecture influences? 

My biggest architectural inspirations come from lived-in spaces – especially the homes of artists like Salvador Dalí, Constantin Brâncuși and Georgia O’Keefe. 


Favourite sound currently?

Lately I am enjoying listening to a lot of 60s and 70s classics on vinyl – everything from Serge Gainsbourg to Bola Sete and Neil Young. 

Rosie Dalton wears the Katya kimono dress