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Please give us a brief introduction of yourself, Emily?

Hello there, my name is Emily. There are many people who ask me if my middle name is Bonita, and it's true! It was my grandmother's name. I'm kind of a multi-hyphenate when it comes to work. I'm a digital marketer, consultant, photographer, stylist, content creator, and the list goes on and on... I'm always trying to add to this list. I always want to learn new things as I get older.

You are based in NYC, tell us what a typical week in your life looks like? What are your go-tos in NYC? 

My typical week consists of working from home or going to coffee shops. I also have odd jobs here and there, such as photo shoots or events, so it's always a little different. On my days off, I enjoy going to museums such as the Guggenheim or The Noguchi, or taking a stroll through the Upper East Side or West Side. 

How would you describe your personal style? and Key wardrobe pieces?

For my personal style, I try to blend traditional sophistication with modern creativity. Basically, my wardrobe creates a polished and unique aesthetic that can be interpreted several ways. My key pieces are always changing, but for the moment, they are a good tailored long coat, an elongated skirt, a great boot, and a cashmere crewneck sweater. Rings, too!

What influences your creative process and styling looks in NYC?

There is no doubt that the weather could influence what I wear when styling looks for New York. This last week, especially with the heat wave, has been challenging. Layering and adding are my favorite things to do, so it's just about being more refined and having less, really. Having friends who inspire me and challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone is very important to me. People watching is also one of my favorite ways to find inspiration. 

What are your most treasured pieces in your wardrobe?

Probably my The Row everyday bag or Bourgeoise over-the-knee boots, my vintage Helmut Lang off-the-shoulder dress, or my AE Official and ABOAB rings. 


Current favourite artist?

The work of Georgia O'Keefe and Louise Bourgeois. Both of them are equally appealing to me.

Interior and Architecture inspiration right now?

I have always been a fan of Eileen Grey, Le Corbusier, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. At the moment, I am eyeing Axel Vervoordt's work. I absolutely adored his Wabi Sabi book.  How do you plan to fulfill your creative desires for the rest of 2023? 

It will be a time of travel, catching up with old friends, pursuing projects I may have avoided in the past, and perhaps finding a new hobby such as painting or sculpture. 

Favourite sound currently?

The Calm app has a nature sound called "The Enchanted Moss Garden." It automatically transports me to where I used to live in rural Canada. A blissful experience."


Emily styling the Valeria Column Dress - Look 1 & The Mana Vest & Ploy Trouser - Look 2.



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