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FASHION PROGRAMMER - CHLOE NAUGHTON of Melbourne Fashion Festival.


 Please give us a brief introduction about yourself Chloe.

My name is Chloe Naughton, and I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I am the Fashion Programmer for Melbourne Fashion Festival and the co-founder of Studio Fitzroy, a passion project that I have been developing with my husband. It forms a collection of boutique studio accommodation spaces that will hopefully be opening at the end of this year.

How do you plan to fulfill your creative desires in 2021?

As for many, 2021 has been a completely new year for me in so many ways. My full-time job as Fashion Programmer for MFF keeps me busy year-round. However, I will also be adding our new and exciting passion project to my life.  ‘Studio Fitzroy’ is a collective of small architecturally designed studio accommodation. The project was born out of the COVID-19 lockdowns. We are converting a set of old offices in Fitzroy, Naarm/Melbourne into cozy and beautiful accommodation. The spaces are being designed by extremely talented friends of ours at Made-For. It is a long and slow process and we have never don’t anything like it, so it’s a whole new adventure in a completely new field that we are embarking on. Finding a balance between everything has been a journey for us, but we are very excited.   

Current favourite artist?

I can’t select just one here. Stacey Rees has to be top of my list because I have two beautiful original artworks of hers and I can see myself owning more. She is an incredible Australian abstract painter. Other artists that I am currently enamoured by and hopefully next on the list for pieces at home are Iris Egbers and Mattea Perrotta. 

Your architectural influences?

I can never go past Heidi II as my ultimate architectural inspiration. It has been a long-time favourite of mine. John and Sunday Reed built this incredible house in 1964 with the brief of their new home to be “a gallery to be lived in”. This space is part of Heide Museum of Modern Art which is worth a visit next time you visit Melbourne. It’s one of my favourite places to go. 

Favourite sound currently?

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Leviathan 

This song played when my partner and I got married to this song. I could listen to it on repeat at the moment. It makes me think of my newly wedded husband. 


Chloe styling her Katya Kimono and Chanel flares.



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