Please give us a brief introduction of yourself Fay? 

I’m the founder and owner of a Surry Hills based space dedicated to Naturopathic skin health, Luna Beauty & Apothecary. I’m a Capricorn who loves spending time at the beach with my family. My husband and I live in Redfern with our sweet but wild rescue dog, Maya. We are about to welcome our first child!

How do you plan to fulfill your creative desires in 2021?

Well, as we all know this year was bumpy. From what friends, family and clients have shared, I know I’ve not been alone in feeling a little unmotivated this year. In saying that, I’ve had moments of inspiration and wonderful ideas that I’m letting sit and brew and will try and put into motion next year. I truly believe creative desires manifest when the time is right. You can’t force it. My dream is to finish putting together my own range of ready-made herbal remedies and a self-published book on all things health and beauty. For now though, I’m just taking one day at a time.

Current favourite artist? 

Melinda Marshman. My husband gifted me one of her pieces for my last birthday. Her work gives me a sense of peace and calm.

Architecture inspiration right now? 

We’re in the process of landscaping our front yard and I’m taking inspiration from simple Mediterranean style gardens. I’m also loving our new Laker Studio shelving units in the living room. They’re functional, sleek and have added warmth to the space.

Favourite sound currently?

Currently revisiting and enjoying Crystal by Stevie Nicks.


Fay styling the Katya Kimono.