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FINE ART CONSULTANT - Chelsea Waddell - Joints in Byron.

Please give us a brief introduction on yourself Chelsea?

I still haven't nailed the elevator pitch but here goes - I'm first and foremost a mumma to a sweet and crazy little toddler; a partner and a friend. vocationally, I've been working in the arts for the last decade, focusing mostly on contemporary fine art. Recently I've pivoted my love for fine art into floral design. I love the sculptural element, colour palette and composition of creating a floral arrangement. 

How do you plan to fulfil your creative desires in 2022?

With little expectation. Like everyone we've had loads of our plans fall flat in the last 18 months because of the pandemic. Life is a beautiful and strange thing and in 2022 I'd actually like to try to take the pressure off fulfilment and and just be kind, do nice things, eat nice treats, read nice books etc. 

Current Favourite Artist?

Elle Musa - I love the way both her paintings and music perfectly capture the essence of a summer mood -  The warmth of the sun, the scent of the ocean, salty skin and long languid lunches. 

Architecture inspiration right now?

Right now we are in the beginning stages of building a new property which is on a unique block of land. We are taking inspiration from the natural surroundings and ecological integrity of the land. We want to allow nature and the landscape to visually dominate and use materials and proportions with a japanese feel. 

Favourite sound currently?

My son when he wakes up from a nap.


Chelsea styling her Dominique Silk shirt around her home Joints in Byron




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