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Please give us a brief introduction of yourself Helen?

My name is Helen and I'm a digital creative based in Paddington, Sydney. I'm originally from the UK and moved to Australia 10 years ago. My job consists of videography, photography and styling in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle space for both my own channels and brands.
How would you describe your personal style? and Key wardrobe pieces?
I would say my style has become more refined over the past few years, building a capsule wardrobe which can be styled in multiple ways. The beauty of this is having flexibility to add a few new trend pieces every season. Some of my most treasured pieces include structured blazers, good quality basics, leather sandals (My Hermés Chypre's have been a firm favourite for the past year) and not forgetting my oversized leather biker jacket. 
You just got back from travelling to Europe to attend Copenhagen Fashion Week. Who were your highlights and what designers are you most inspired by for SS24 season? 
And what were your favourite Copenhagen street-style trends?
I've been attending CPHFW since early 2020, and it's one of my favourite fashion weeks on the schedule. A forever favourite collection is The Garment. This season they showcased oversized neutral knitwear paired with flowing pants, Mary Janes and midriffs tastefully on show. The whole collection was effortless. 
Some of my favourite trends consisted of an emphasis on flats, Mary Janes were super popular and I don't see the ballet pumps going anywhere for at least another season. Corsages were styled in the hair and on blazers, and layering dresses over pants are making a comeback from the early noughties.
What are your must- do's in Copenhagen?
Depends if you are going in winter or summer, but I guess coffee shop hopping works all year around! Apotek 57 do THE BEST sticky cinnamon and cardamom buns and filter coffee. For dinner, Resto Bar serves the most beautiful Italian cuisine. And for a little break 1 hour outside of CPH I'd highly recommend taking the train out to The Louisiana Museum which houses modern art, interior inspiration and lush green gardens with views over to Sweden.
You travel Bi-yearly to Europe to attend Paris, Milan and Copenhagen Fashion Weeks. How does this inspire and influence your creativity and your personal style?
Travel is my biggest inspiration tool. I truly believe leaving Sydney and returning with fresh eyes does wonders for creativity. I also find each city approaches fashion and style so differently. So it's nice to take cues from different places around the world. I also find fashion installations and presentations super inspirational which coincide with the runway shows. And these experiences don't just shape my fashion choices but also my home, lifestyle and creative decisions. 
Architecture inspiration right now?
I've been finding myself saving more and more chrome accents in the home over on Pinterest, and plan to change up my living space a little over the next year. If I was to build my own home it would involve a lot of poured concrete but softened with wood and velvet furnishings. 
How do you plan to fulfill your creative desires for the rest of 2023? 
I have one more planned trip for this year in December which I hope will be a continuation of my creativity. But until then, I am going to take back to Sydney my key takes from Copenhagen and Seoul Fashion Weeks and adapt it into my content back in Australia. Thanks so much for having me!
Helen wears The Aya Knit Dress & Ingrid Blazer



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