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Introduction on Isabella?
Hi My name is Isabella Mamas, and I am the Fashion Assistant at Vogue Australia. 
How would you describe your personal style and key wardrobe pieces? 
My personal style changes from day to day but I think key standout pieces paired with basics really make up the entirety of my wardrobe. I love bold, but beautifully made pieces that will last me forever. 
The best piece of advice given to you in your styling career?
Don't take it personally, style and fashion is something so inherently personal but when you turn it into a career you need to let go of that connection and take a step back. Just like every job you have really good days and some bad days, it doesn't mean you don't have style at the end of the day! 
Tell us what a week in the life of a Fashion Stylist at Vogue looks like?
Its different every week, I style all the still life shoots for Vogue and if that were to be happening I would be calling in our favourite pieces and organising the creative with our Art Directors. I absolutely love still life, because it gives me a chance to be creative. Other weeks is very admin loaded, I look after the fashion cupboard, managing the intake check ins and returns of the garments for shoots, the interns, and am also EA to our Editor in Chief Christine Centenera. It's never a boring day on this side! 
Describe your favourite campaign to style in your career to date. What was the inspiration behind each look?
I have worked across a lot in fashion but I think my favourite shoot to date is one I shot with my best friend Holly Gibson for Jane in The Grey Attic in 2021. It was so special to shoot some of my favourite brands at home with my cat. I hold this shoot super dearly in my heart. 
Current favourite artist?
Going with music for this one, it's Loyle Carner, I have been a fan of his for years but have had his current album on repeat. 
Architecture inspiration right now?
I have just come home from a holiday in Japan and am incredibly inspired by all the traditional architecture that is in Tokyo and Kyoto. Visiting shrines and temples with exquisite gold and red detailing absolutely blew my mind. I can't wait to visit again.
How do you plan to fulfill your creative desires for the rest of 2023?
Slow and steady wins the race, I'm practicing patience and not trying to burn out. It's a hard industry and it's so incredibly fast paced that it's easy to let go of the things you love in the name of the hustle and grind, but I'm trying to ensure I stay true to myself, my love for fashion and balancing that with loved ones and family time! 
Isabella styling the Pernielle Cashmere Wool Coat at AAFW Earlier this year.



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