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Jane Magazine is a biannual fashion and fine art publication shot on film and printed on paper, exploring the disciplines of art, photography, fashion, philosophy and poetry.

Celebrating sustainability and the slow art movement, centred around challenging the dialogue and creative intention and consumption.

"The Inner Seam column explores sustainability principles and highlights those that care not just about the seams you can see on the surface, but also about the conscious craftsmanship that lies beneath.

Exploring the ancestral spirit of Australian Made fashion and speaking with Hyde & Stone founder and designer - Jemyma Kavanagh. Who shares her story of learning to sew from her mother and grandmother - who actually helped her tailor each and every garment in the brand's early days"

Words by Rosie Dalton for Jane Magazine - highlighting the intentionality behind Hyde & Stone and our story from truly humble beginnings. 

Hyde & Stone - Founder and Creative Director - Jemyma Kavanagh wearing the Classic white shirt and Isla trouser black and her Grandmother Gail wearing the Natalia Blazer - dove grey shot on film by Claudia Smith.

"I've always had a love for designing and drawing, since I was a little girl. My earliest memories are of my grandmother's art box, filled with watercolour pencils and fine art liners, Kavanagh explains. 'Most of our garments were tailor-made growing up. I remember watching both my mother and grandmother sewing - we would design with them and then go to the local fabric store to purchase the materials to make our new outfit for each special occasion."


"It is so important to learn and be inspired by real stories from the elderly, transporting back to generations that lived simply and slowly and consumed less" The designer says. These are the generations that truly appreciated quality made items, crafted by highly skilled tailors and craftspeople. Generations that know how to care for garments, how to wash and extend the lifecycle of each piece by mending them when torn".

"For as long as I can remember, the importance of quality and a true appreciation for craftsmanship was instilled in me. Both my mother and my grandmother taught me how to make things well, how to create with high-quality fabrics and how these pieces will last, how they'll wear, how they'll fall. They taught me not to consume so much, not to be wasteful." The designer says.

More on Our Story behind Hyde & Stone and Sustainabilty here. 

More on Our Story behind Hyde & Stone and Sustainabilty here. 


Part two Editorial for Jane Magazine - Lari shot on film by Claudia Smith.

Styling the Natalia Blazer in White and Isla trouser, Valeria Column, Armani sundress, Dominique silk shirt and Estelle Bodice.

More on Our Story behind Hyde & Stone and Sustainabilty here. 

Full article on Jane Magazine - Jane Privee - Words by Rosie Dalton.



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