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Please give us a brief introduction of yourself Lucianne? 

I'm a fashion journalist and the author of Sundressed: Natural Fibres and the Future of Fashion. I write a column about clothing care for The Guardian called Closet Clinic.  I'm also the fashion editor for The Saturday Paper and head of sustainability for Riise.


How did Sundressed come to fruition?

I used to live in Paris and work with sustainable designers. When Covid hit, I had the time to slow down and start to read and research more about sustainability. I came home to Australia and visited some farms and learnt about regenerative agriculture and how we could use it to grow high-quality natural fibres that sequester carbon out of the atmosphere. Telling those stories and sharing this hopeful vision for the fashion industry felt really important. I was lucky enough to find a publisher and editor who agreed with me at Black Inc. 


"I love my clothes. I'm not interested in clothing I can only wear once. I want clothes to carry me through the seasons of a year, of my life. Our Clothes are some of our most intimate companions: how do you get to know them if you only wear them once?" 

How do you plan to fulfill your creative desires in 2024? 

When I have writer's block or I'm procrastinating, I find starting a list helps bring me back to the page or my desk. Some of them are straight up daily or weekly to-do lists. Some of them are broader lists of things that are coming up to remind me to focus on them like deadlines and events. Some of them are lists of bigger picture hopes and dreams.

I also like to sweeten daunting tasks by working with a friend. I’ve been playing around with ideas for my second book for a few months now and struggling to bring them into form. My friend Imogen is a super talented writer who is also working on something, so we’ve made a pact to spend at least half a day at the library together every weekend over the summer. The promise of gossiping during coffee breaks and the reward of wine or a swim together at the end of each session definitely distracts from the overwhelm at how much work there is to do.


Current favourite artist? 

I haven't been able to stop thinking about Dhambit Mununggurr's ultramarine blue bark paintings since seeing them at the NGV. 

Architecture inspiration right now? 

I’m completely obsessed with Tadao Ando's use of light and natural surfaces. I’ve just moved into a new place in Paddington and it is a mix of poured concrete, floor boards, glass and vintage wooden furniture. The vibe is super textural, light and bright.

 Favourite sound currently?

I’ve had Olivia Rodrigo’s album Guts on repeat since it came out. But I also woke up this morning with my cousin Woody Samson’s first single as a solo artist in my head – it’s called Don’t Let Them and it’s a serious jam.


Lucianne wears the Dominique silk shirt & Silk Pant - Shot by Kitty Callaghan.




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