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Please give us a brief introduction of yourself Sara?

I'm the Founder of The UNDONE, a curated multi-brand online clothing store of pieces women will wear both this season and the seasons to come. I live in Sydney's Northern Beaches and feel my best when I've spent time by the water. I love to walk and listen to podcasts and spend time with my family; my 3 year old son, husband and two black labradors.

How would you describe your personal style?

Relaxed and refined. I'm unfussy with my approach, and always lean into the 'less is more' take on getting dressed but with a polished execution.

What is your approach to dressing each day and your key wardrobe pieces?

I dress to be comfortable yet elegant, the practicality of the day always wins so that means checking the weather and what's on the calendar for the day. I tend to start with trousers or jeans and work my outfit around them. I'm currently living in black trousers, white T-shirts and a boxy blazer.

Tell us more about your journey behind The UNDONE?

I launched The UNDONE in 2016 and was really drawn to the idea of curating a space that spoke to a specific personal style. I love the experience of walking into a store and feeling as though you could wear everything in the store. For my take on style I feel overwhelmed when shopping in other multi-brand stores as there is just too much stuff to filter through. I want The UNDONE to act like a personal shopping experience, where the edit has already been made for you.

How do you plan to fulfill your creative desires for the rest of 2022?

Scheduling time is critical for me to hit my goals. If it's not in the diary, sadly things just don't get done. I've also learnt over the years that I physically can't do it all, so I'm learning to stagger my ideas, which can be hard! I think if you have that entrepreneurial mindset you can jump around a little from new idea to a new idea, but I've learnt to park them and put them into a timeline, rather than get distracted and try to achieve them all at once, which isn't realistic and can't be executed to the level you had envisioned.

Current favourite artist?

I've been a long time admirer of Niah Mcleod, her work is so beautiful.

Architecture inspiration right now?

 We're about to undergo a big renovation of our home so I've been collecting inspiration for literally years. I'm very drawn to heritage details with lime washed walls in warm neutrals, natural fabrication and layers, stone and wood, accents of black, browns and hints of white. It's very reflective of my personal style.

Favourite sound currently?

I feel like every parent says the same thing, but it's my son's laugh. It's the most contagious giggle. It's impossible to not laugh along with him.


Sara wears The Anastasia Shirt & Lottie Pant. 



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