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Please give us a brief introduction of yourself Sara?

I'm an incubator of luxury emerging brands and the founder of House of Cur, a multi-purpose media, editorial and e-commerce platform that is built upon exquisite curation tailor made for the people in the know. With a solid fashion background across the editorial and buying sphere including names like L'Officiel Paris, ODDA magazine and matchesfashion, I also contribute to titles like Vogue Scandinavia and Marie Claire UK. On a sporadic basis I also art direct and style editorials for ELLE Ukraine, L'O Baltics and independent brands. 
Based in London and, quite frequently divided between Copenhagen, Paris and even Oporto, I'm lucky to have the means to take inspiration from various places, cultures, rhythms and people - a fact that has made me a stronger, more hands-on and happier woman. I have two soulmates, a chocolate Labrador called Jane (she is 6 years old) and a German Shepherd called Lion adopted a year ago and rescued directly from the streets (he is 16). I have a rather small social battery, which means that I truly enjoy my time alone with my dogs. Oh, I'm the unhappiest person if I don't have a bathtub nor have access to a peaceful park to walk around. 
Editorial shot in Florence and featured in L'O Baltics. This story stole to a bucolic and minimal woman refining her own style by staying faithful to a raw chicness. 
Art Director and Styling @sarakingmoura featuring the Dominique silk shirt 

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style has evolved considerably from my past teenager self but it has been quite consistent for the past 7 years now. I really enjoy masculine lines and overall aesthetics. I'm always a sucker for a good shirt. I'm a fan of slouchy proportions and fits, easily landing on these practical, oversized and quite mannish styling pillars - which are often balanced by my very long, Rapunzel-like hair. The LOTTIE pants, for instance, offers me that essence. My style suffers fluctuations throughout the day/week based on where and for how long I'll be walking my dogs, but I'm essentially someone that prefers to shop on men's section and trough on a beautiful, classic bag and some delicate jewellery for a nice touch of delicacy. Oh, 99% I wear loafers or sneakers. 

What's your approach to dressing each day and your key wardrobe pieces?
I always define a basis, meaning, a kick-off point in which I should build upon my entire look. It's really that random as it can be a leather blazer, a tank top, a leather belt or even a bag. The selection of a basis will certainly be determined by my to-do list for the day and go-to places with my dogs. I love a pealing-off styling approach, one that helps me obtain an extension of the initial look without disrupting its essence while providing something new when I take a piece off.

How do you plan to fulfil your creative desires for the rest of 2023?
Welcoming House of Cur to its first season in Paris and launching my YouTube channel. I feel this urge to connect with people outside my spectrum, sharing a bit more of Sara off-duty (an on-duty as well).  Accomplishing partnerships with like-minded people across graphic design, personal shopping and photography stands as a solid goal.

Current Favourite Artist?

At the moment I'm absolutely in love with Gia Marie, an artist that creates white canvas into 3D sculptures/paintings. Also, Moran Trabelsi, a Tel Aviv based ceramicist that hand-builds sculptural pieces

Architect inspiration right now?

Mies van der Rohe will always speak to me on his minimalism approach to space and things, but I've been enjoying Danielle Siggerud quite a lot. Her Danish vision is divine. 

Favourite sound currently?

My dogs' snore.
Sara Styling her key Hyde & Stone looks -
LOOK 1 -
LOOK 2 -
LOOK 3 -



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