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Please give us a brief introduction of yourself Tabatha?

Hi! My name is Tabatha, I am a fashion stylist from Sydney, originally from Melbourne, but feel most at home in Paris - where I have just spent the last six months. I have worked in this industry for quite some time now, beginning as a small child sewing and knitting whenever I had the chance. Growing up in the creative household of an artistic steel and interior designer, I love working with my hands in whatever direction that may lead and always have multiple projects on the go at one time - professionally and personally. After a few health hiccups as a side-effect of pushing myself a little too hard, I have a deep interest in wellness (the dirty word) in its most inclusive and approachable form. Themes of deep cellular health and longevity which I now carry through my work. Family, friends, and food mean the world to me! Dancing always! Ocean swimming forever!...take a breath, I fit a lot in there.


Can you tell us more about your journey with styling?

It was a natural progression. Fuelled by a love of working with my hands and being on set. Every day is so different which is how my brain works. As I said, I function better with multiple projects which I am now proud of (that took a long time to say!) . I originally wanted to be a writer and studied journalism hoping to one day work in fashion publication - with a lifetime of sewing and design education I figured the more I knew about construction, the better I could write about the fashion itself. As time went on I worked hard to support study and work overseas in London and Paris where styling was the obvious path over typing on a laptop. There have been ups and downs as with everything good in life - but the lessons, conversations, and beautiful souls I have encountered are irreplaceable. There's never a dull moment. 



 You spent a lot of time abroad this year. How has travel influenced your work?

My time overseas last year was truly transformative in every sense of the word. My fiancé Benjamin is a graphic designer, and he always tells me that the more beauty our eyes can see, the more our brains will grow and think. Beauty is all around us if we take the time to stop and notice. The 'things' I saw, people I met, jobs done, and conversations had - reignited a sense of worldwide community, and my love for the insane artistry within the industry I work in, and am lucky enough to work alongside. I am eternally grateful, and will be returning soon.


How would you describe your personal style and what are your wardrobe key pieces? 

I often get asked this, and struggle to answer. What a lot of people don't realise is that working in fashion, you become a little desensitised and can only focus on the clothing on the model in front of you. Creating pictures. My style has always revolved around key vintage pieces found along my travels, good jeans, and the occasional piece that sings out through the masses. 

Architecture inspiration right now? 

In Paris, we took a day trip out to Villa Savoye, a house designed by architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, otherwise known as Le Corbusier. Located in Poissy along the outskirts of Paris, the simple modernity of the Villa designed with light at the forefront was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Almost as if we were within a sculpture. I have become deeply inspired by his work.

How do you plan to fulfill your creative desires in 2023?

Consistency the theme - slow the attitude.


Tabatha styling the Estelle Bodice and Isla Trouser.



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